MDLI provides a variety of Electronics Engineering Services specializing in Power Electronics. We provide engineering assistance to firms needing help with power electronics and general electronics issues. We provide both design services and testing services. Here are a few examples of the types of work we can do for you.

Professional Design Services

  • Design of Custom Power Converters, DC-DC, AC-DC, and DC-AC Inverters, PFC Converters, and Frequency Changers. We’re experts in Design with GaN and SiC FET switches for lower losses, smaller sizes and better performance.


  • Design Reviews of your existing or new power converter designs. Get a professional opinion and specific recommendations for improvement.


  • Design of HF Magnetics for Power Converters and other applications including Planar Magnetics with PCB windings for small size and excellent manufacturability.


  • Design of LVDT Transducers with high operating temperatures up to and beyond 250°C.

Professional Testing Service

  • Analysis and Testing of your Power Converters using state of the art AC & DC Sources and Electronic Loads.


  • Compatibility Testing & Analysis of your Power Converter with your Load Circuitry. Reveals potential incompatibilities & weak spots in your system. This testing can potentially reduce costly returns and failures. One customer lost due to failures is more than worth the cost.


  • HALT Testing & Analysis to improve your Power Converter or System Reliability by sequentially testing for, finding, & fixing design weak points. Testing is generally done beyond spec limits and can include any combination of electrical, environmental, and mechanical test limits