MAGNETIC DESIGN LABS, INC. HI-REL & Rugged Power Solutions

DC-AC Inverters

MDL, INC. designs and manufactures custom-made power supplies,
DC-DC converters, and inverters used wordlwide by OEMs
and industrial markets.

MDL manufactures state-of-the-art inverters for use in ground vehicles,
and renewable power (solar & wind) applications.

We have both true sine wave and quasi sine wave types.
Our inverters are extremely reliable with a failure rate of less than 0.01%,
which is achieved by design through derating, careful component selection,
and quality control second to none.

Power ranges are available from 100 watts up to 2,500 watts and many models
are parallelable for even higher output power.

Our DSP chip design allows low distortion of 3% typical at full output power.
Standard models are available in 120 and 240 VAC, 50 and 60 Hz output at
12, 24, and 48 VDC input.

Other input and output combinations are available upon request.

Power Supplies

MDL specializes in AC-DC power supplies in both switching
and linear types for various applications in power ranges
from 100 watts to 2,000 watts.

Models are available in both single and multi output configurations.

Our switching power supplies are available with automatic 120/240 VAC line selection, eliminating the need for strapping or jumpers.

Available options include: over-voltage protection,
margining, AC power fail and DC power good logic signals, and remote on/off.
Our power supplies are both highly reliable and ruggedized with many used in industrial applications.
Custom configurations are available if needed.

Battery Chargers

MDL has ruggedized and/or hi-reliability battery charger solutions
for your medium to high power battery charging requirements.
Optional features include Digital Panel Meters and circuit breakers.

DC-DC Converters

MDL has developed many different DC-DC converter models for
high-end industrial applications.

These high mean time between failure (MTBF) converters are used in
the most critical applications where failure is not an option.

Available in both potted and non-potted models with single output,
dual output (tracking and non-tracking), or multi-output types.
Our converters have tight regulation, low output impedance,
low ripple and noise, and have built-in EMI filters.

They are designed for extra-long life and can take punishing shock and vibration.

LVDT Displacement Transducers

MDL has a perfect track record of no rejects and no failures with our
Linear Variable Differential Transformers or LVDTs.
Since they are magnetic, they have no wearable element to limit their life,
making them ideal for use in high-rel applications.


Specialty Magnetics

MDL has a wide variety of custom, specialty magnetics components available,
such as: high-voltage and high-frequency transformers,
corona-free high-voltage transformers, and magnetic amplifiers.

Custom Solutions

Let MDL custom-design a power electronics solution for you.
Our engineering staff has over 200 man-years of design experience in power electronics.