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Magnetic Design Labs, Inc. was founded over 50 years ago in Orange County, California specializing in Military & Industrial DC-AC Inverters, DC-DC Converters, AC-DC Power Supplies, Battery Chargers, Magnetic Amplifiers, and Specialty Magnetics like High-Voltage Transformers & Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Position Transducers. Our niche market is the ruggedized and high-reliability market, especially the military tactical vehicle market. MDL has performed as both a prime and subcontractor for the US military for over 40 years. We manufacture many sole-sourced, critical-grade items for the U.S. military under prime contracts.

Being a family owned and operated business, we take special care to ensure that our product quality is the highest possible. Our standard quality system now is MIL-I-45208, however, we are in the process of upgrading our quality system to ISO-9001. Our company mantra is simple: Zero Rejects.

Our engineering staff is highly experienced with a combined 150 man-years. We design using modern CAD tools. We are an industry leader in the design and use of computer-controlled automated test and measurement systems.

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Magnetic Design Labs, Inc Power Conversion Products
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